About us

Our company, Chainarongrit Ltd. Part was established in 1977 as the manufacturer and the distributor. We started producing roasted nuts line e.g. diced roasted peanuts, diced roasted cashew nuts. Our main customers are food factories. In 1989, we started our nut snacks line brand Pele. We strived for the improvement in quality standards by acquired Thai FDA, Halal, GMP, and HACCP at Bangkok Factory since 2017. Our products are selling all around modern and traditional store locally nationwide.
Now we are expanding products to the export market and looking for a partner in many countries. Pele Nut Snack are snacks from nut and bean targeting to nuts and grains consumers. We have varieties of nuts such as Peanuts Cashew Nuts, Broad Beans, Mung Beans, Green Peas, Almonds, etc. Roasted, Salted, and Seasoned processes are the main processing lines. We selected only from natural ingredients for the best quality. We welcome to serve our high-quality products to our customers worldwide.

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